Skin Rendering with Texture-Space Diffusion for Subsurface Scattering

The basis for the specular reflectance of these "skin materials" is a precomputed texture that allows us to calculate in real-time the Kelemen/Szirmay-Kalos specular BRDF and subsequent reflectance value. There's an additional texture that feeds into the specular calculation that simultaneously acts as a roughness parameter (m) that we use to query into the Beckmann … Continue reading Skin Rendering with Texture-Space Diffusion for Subsurface Scattering

Reflective Shadow Maps

There is a nice extension to shadow mapping that allows for the rendering of plausible indirect illumination. It's not quite as performant as voxel cone tracing, but it introduces some ideas on how we can model the behavior of light. Every pixel in the shadow map is considered as an indirect light source and we … Continue reading Reflective Shadow Maps

Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows

I've implemented a few shadow mappers, and so far, percentage-closer soft shadows (PCSS) was my favorite one to get up and running. It is a great illustration of Poisson disk sampling, and the contact hardening that is characteristic of the technique makes for compelling spatial relationship information. For comparison's sake, here's what I did for … Continue reading Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows